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We believe that a really top notch product caters to your organization's needs and our organization-wide support coverage will help you maintain business continuity to keep your work running smoothly and efficiently.

Our support staff is here to help you through the adoption and update processes and deepen your team's product knowledge.

101 Archery Way, Suite A
Ashley, IN 46705
H: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET
P: 1-800-786-4231
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Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 10 or 11
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or later, Windows Server 2019 or later recommended
Microsoft Office 2016 or later for generating Reports, Office 2022/365 recommended
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later, Standard or greater recommended
Latest Adobe Reader or Acrobat recommended for viewing PDF files

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 2 GHz Processor
OS: Windows 10 or later, Windows Server 2016 or later.
Database: Microsoft SQL Server is required.

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