Intelicode® Changelog

See the notes below for a description of the changes for each release.

If you need assistance with any updates to your installation of Intelicode® please contact support at your earliest convenience.

Release Date: 05-14-2024

Provided database: v119.1*

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an error that prevented add-on codes from appearing when overriding codes via Medical Necessity.
  • Added Audit Prep deletions to the actions included in the Audit Log.
  • Added modifier accuracy statistics to reports.
  • Added a Statistics tab to the End Screen to view the current visit's procedure, diagnosis, and modifier accuracy and fee and RVU values.
  • Added Medical Decision-Making sub-levels to the End screen.
  • Added an option to make reports include "New Patient" and "Established Patient" in the service type name if the patient status decides between different codes.
  • *Provided V119.1 - (06-14-2024) Added an Incident To question and added code changes for Q3 2024.

Release Date: 01-03-2024

Provided database: v118.2*

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue where variance values could be changed to Wrong Category when opening existing visits.
  • Added AMA Medical Decision Making sub-levels (Problem, Data, and Risk levels) to selectable report columns.
  • *Provided V118.1 - (03-20-2024) Added 2024 Q2 HCPCS revisions.
  • *Provided V118.2 - (04-02-2024) Removed the requirement to address comorbidities when using G2211. The item has not been removed, but it is not required to meet the code.

Release Date: 12-12-2023

Provided database: v117.3*

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed compatibility issues when updating the Office database.
  • Updated codes for HCPCS revisions.
  • *Provided V117.3 - (12-15-2023) Updated fee schedule localities for 2024 changes.
  • Known issue: After saving a visit and closing the program Variance may show an incorrect value. This will be addressed in the next update.

Release Date: 12-05-2023

Provided database: v117.1

Issues Resolved

  • Added 2024 service types and CPT codes.
  • Improved performance in Visit Summaries and reduced memory usage.
  • Fixed issues where Excel imports could misinterpret dates as non-date data or vice versa.

Release Date: 08-29-2023

Provided database: v116.4*

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issues when updating when using SQL versions older than 2017 or a default database schema other than dbo.
  • Fixed the Encounter Detail Report displaying unnecessary text when no MDM elements have been entered.
  • *Provided V116.2 - (09-15-2023) Added 2024 Q4 HCPCS and CPT revisions.
  • *Provided V116.3 - (10-05-2023) Updated vaccine codes and fixed incorrect prolonged time calculation for G0316, G0317, and G0318 when entering both time and a High level of Medical Decision Making.
  • *Provided V116.4 - (11-14-2023) Added immunization codes 90679, 90380, 90381, 96380, and 96381.

Release Date: 08-15-2023

Provided database: v116.1

Issues Resolved

  • Added 2024 ICD-10-CM codes.
  • Added a service type for additional critical care (99292) on the same date by another practitioner in the same specialty and group.
  • Added the ability to use Windows user accounts in Intelicode.
  • Added an "Original Reviewer" field to visits. This field is left blank on existing visits.
  • Added the option to archive fee schedules.

Release Date: 03-27-2023

Provided database: v113.6*

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an error in Excel Audit Summary Reports that displayed higher numbers for Total and Correct Procedures and Diagnoses.
  • Fixed an error in Excel report row heights that would rarely hide the service cells’ contents.
  • *Provided V113.4 - (05-26-2023) Updated Teaching Physician guidelines for PHE end and added 2023 Q3 HCPCS codes.
  • *Provided V113.5 - (06-12-2023) Updated COVID-19 vaccine codes.
  • *Provided V113.6 - (07-19-2023) Fixed incorrect time calculation for G2212 when entering both a high level of MDM and time, and included various code updates.

Release Date: 02-15-2023

Provided database: v113.3*

Issues Resolved

  • Added a "Code Help" function to explain why a code has not been met in some cases.
  • Added a "What's New in Intelicode?" feature to provide easy access to changelogs and additional update details.
  • Fixed an error with the End Screen’s Fee and RVU difference display for Other Services.
  • *Provided V113.3 - (03-16-2023) Revised time thresholds for prolonged code G0316 and added April HCPCS updates

Release Date: 12-13-2022

Provided database: v113.2*

Issues Resolved

  • Updated 2023 Encounter Detail Reports to exclude blank History and Exam sections.
  • *Provided V113.1 - (01-11-2023) Updated PLA and vaccine codes.
  • *Provided V113.2 - (02-08-2023) Fixed an error when handling Split/Shared visit criteria and updated miscellaneous procedure and diagnosis codes.

Release Date: 12-12-2022

Provided database: v113.0

Issues Resolved

  • Added 2023 CPT and HCPCS codes.
  • 2023 codes requiring "a medically appropriate history and/or examination" will track this requirement via a question on the patient screen.
  • Added new Medical Decision Making elements for use in 2023.
  • Fixed a bug where InteliCurve reports could show outdated service type descriptions.