Intelicode® Changelog

Detailed in these logs include fixes to any issues with a detailed description of each issue.

If you need assistance with any updates to your installation of Intelicode® please contact support at your earliest convenience.

Release Date: 09-01-2021

Provided database: v108.9*

Issues Resolved

  • Added 2022 ICD-10-CM codes.
  • Added COVID-19 vaccine codes 0003A and 0013A, effective August 12th 2021.
  • Improved Visit Summaries query speed.
  • Added an option to omit the History and Exam sections from the Encounter Detail Report for 2021+ Office visits if those sections were left blank. See Preferences to enable.
  • Changed the "Clear Visit Screens" button to say "Exit Visit With No Changes" to clarify that no data is changed or deleted.
  • *Provided V108.6 - (09-22-2021) Updated CPT codes 87636, 87637, and 87811 with the correct end dates.
  • *Provided V108.7 - (10-20-2021) Added 2020 data for InteliCurve and a Telehealth Attestation question.
  • *Provided V108.8 - (10-21-2021) Added COVID-19 vaccine booster code 0004A, effective September 22nd, 2021.
  • *Provided V108.9 - (11-01-2021) Extended the COVID-19 PHE end date and added vaccine codes 0034A, 0064A, and 91306.

Release Date: 08-09-2021

Provided database: v108.3

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed a bug introduced in which cleared E&M diagnosis codes when editing an existing visit.
  • Fixed a bug with the font save/load functionality that loaded note macros with the wrong font.

Release Date: 08-06-2021

Provided database: v108.3

Issues Resolved

  • Added an option to calculate diagnosis accuracy based on all unique diagnosis codes in the visit instead of calculating per-procedure.
  • Added an option to count a procedure with multiple units as 1 procedure towards totals and accuracy.
  • Added font saving and loading for visit notes. Selected fonts are saved automatically and will be used by default.
  • Fixed an error when saving new Preventive Split visits.

Release Date: 06-28-2021

Provided database: v108.3*

Issues Resolved

  • Added 2021 Q3 HCPCS and PLA codes.
  • Added Medical Decision Making component levels to the encounter detail report.
  • Added options to include additional statistics on the Audit Summary and Custom Provider Accuracy Reports.
  • Fixed the variance calculation for the Telehealth Consultation and Comprehensive Care Management services (G0406-G0408, G0425-G0427, G0508-G0509 and G2064-G2065).
  • Fixed the encounter detail report not showing the visit's payor or provider specialty when using the Save and Print button on a new visit.
  • Improved display scaling for higher resolutions.
  • *Provided V108.3 - (07-21-2021) Updated the COVID-19 PHE end date.

Release Date: 03-05-2021

Provided database: v107.2*

Issues Resolved

  • Added Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine codes 0031A and 91303, effective February 27th, 2021.
  • Improved visibility of the provided update notification.
  • Improved scaling for high DPI displays.
  • Changed the "Email Report" report printing option to stop blocking actions in Intelicode until after the email is sent.
  • *Provided V107.2 - (03-31-2021) Included April 2021 revisions to HCPCS and Proprietary Laboratory Analysis (PLA) codes.

Release Date: 02-25-2021

Provided database: v107.1*

Issues Resolved

  • Added a notification for updated provided database versions.
  • Added a reminder to answer the "Prolonged Office or Other Outpatient" question if the visit is eligible for 99417.
  • Added prolonged time add on codes for 99483 and 90847.
  • Changed all name fields to show last name, then first name.
  • Fixed a bug where tabbing through time fields could cause the selected provider add on codes to be removed.
  • *Provided V107.1 - Added Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine codes 0031A and 91303, effective February 27th 2021.

Release Date: 12-21-2020

Provided database: v106.6*

Issues Resolved

  • Added 2021 CPT and HCPCS Codes.
  • Added the new AMA Medical Decision Making; available by default for 2021 Office or Other Outpatient visits.
  • Added Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine codes (0001A, 0002A, 91300) effective December 11th, 2020.
  • Added an Additional Clinical Staff time field to be used for Office or Other Outpatient add-on codes.
  • Improved column name detection for Excel and CSV import files.
  • *Provided V106.3 - Delayed implementation of G2211 until 2024 per 2021 appropriations bill
  • *Provided V106.3 - Added Moderna COVID-19 vaccine codes (0011A, 0012A, 91301) effective December 18th, 2020.
  • *Provided V106.4 - Added new diagnosis codes effective Jan. 1st
  • *Provided V106.4 - Revised Fee Schedule Area names for 2021
  • *Provided V106.5 - Changed the 2021 "Prolonged Office or Other Outpatient" question to remove the default answer of No. A selection is required to meet 99417 or G2212.
  • *Provided V106.6 - Fixed an error where 99205 and 99215 required an answer to the "Prolonged Office or Other Outpatient" question when using medical decision making.

Release Date: 10-15-2020

Provided database: v105.3

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an error when saving an Audit Prep with a payor.
  • Fixed a visit send error when the MSDTC service fails to start.
  • Included new COVID-19 code revisions.
  • Added an option to exclude "Procedure Only" visits from E/M accuracy statistics.

Release Date: 09-02-2020

Provided database: v105.2*

Issues Resolved

  • We recommend that you uninstall any previous version of Intelicode before updating to version to ensure that all components are upgraded.
  • Added 2021 ICD-10-CM codes.
  • Added 2019 National Data for InteliCurve.
  • Revised COVID-19 Teaching Physician guidelines to allow more services under the Primary Care Exception.
  • *Provided V105.2 - Added 6 new COVID-19 procedure codes, effective August 10th 2020 and September 8th 2020

Release Date: 05-19-2020

Provided database: v104.0

Issues Resolved

  • Added new COVID-19 testing and diagnosis codes.
  • Added a telehealth question, available to all services on CMS's list of allowed telehealth services.
  • Added the option to temporarily use the 2021 E/M guidelines for 99201-99215 via telehealth during the COVID-19 emergency.
  • Added service types for G2010 and G2012.
  • Added requirements for telephone services 99441-99443 and technology-based services G2010 and G2012.