Intelicode® May 2014 Newsletter

Price Increase Coming!

Beginning July 1, 2014, new pricing will be in effect.  As in the past, we will allow customers to "lock in" their current renewal pricing for up to 5 years if you request an invoice and payment is received prior to July 1st.  Call Intelicode® at 800-786-4231 with any questions or to request your invoice now.

New Users Webinar

May 14th
1:00 - 2:30 pm ET

New to Intelicode?  Want to learn how to use Intelicode to its fullest?  Join Webinar Presenter, Aaron Childrey, as he takes you through each screen you would encounter while using Intelicode.  Click here and choose the webinar date you are interested in.  Fill out the registration form that pops up and submit.  Instructions will be emailed 1-2 days prior to the webinar.  Space is limited.  As many as want to can sign up but only the first 25 callers into the webinar will gain admittance. 


May 29th
2:00 - 3:00 pm ET

This webinar is for those unfamiliar with what or how InteliCurve works.  Join Webinar Presenter, Aaron Childrey, for an in-depth look at InteliCurve, our National Bell Curve Reporting software.  InteliCurve not only lets you compare your physicians against national data but also allows you to compare your physician against other physicians within the same organization.  InteliCurve seamlessly integrates with Intelicode.  A Q&A time will be available at the end of the webinar to answer any of your questions about InteliCurve.  Visit our website and click on the calendar day that you want to attend.  Fill out the registration form that comes up and submit.  One to two days prior to the webinar's date, instructions will be emailed to each registered attendee.  As many that want to can sign up, but only the first 25 callers into the webinar will be allowed to join.


Intelicode allows you to add and subtract Modifiers easily on the End Screen. By clicking on the dropdown arrow in the Modifier box, you will see a list to choose from. You can either choose from this list or type the modifier needed in the Modifier box.  Once selected or tab/enter hit, you will see the Modifier listed below the Provider Code or Reviewer Code boxes by a blue bar.  If you want to remove a Modifier, you can do so by clicking on the blue bar.  This will remove it from the list.

IT Knows

Just a reminder from our friendly IT support team, support for Intelicode Version 8 is no longer available.  If you haven't transitioned to the latest version available on our website, please do so. 

Support from Microsoft for Windows XP has ended.  If you are still using this operating system, it is no longer acceptable as a HIPAA compliant component and vulnerable to mal-ware attacks. 

Though the implementation of ICD 10s have been postponed again, you will still find them available in Intelicode's latest version.  With the postponement, you will have longer to teach your physicians how to document to get the specificity that ICD 10's require .