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Search Codes: You can type in any code that is available in Intelicode® here. As you type in a code, the grid will search the codes for you (eg. if you type 993, the grid will display 99304). As you type the results in the grid become more refined.

Search Service/Subservice Types: You can examine the lists of codes either by Service Type and/or by Subservice. Check the boxes next to the Service Type and/or Subservices you wish to see displayed.

Code, Frequency, & Percentage: Here is the list of codes along with the frequency used and the percentage therein. When frequency changes in the grid, so does the percentage.

The percentage takes a range of codes (e.g. 99201-99205) and calculates the percentages by taking the individual frequency divided by the total frequency for that range of codes. The selections of codes that InteliCurve calculates are based upon Service and Subservice Types.

For example, 99224-99226 are taken from Hospital Observation Services (Service Type) and Subsequent Observation Care (Subservice). Another example is 99234-99236 and these codes are from Observation or Inpatient Hospital Care only since there is no Subservice.

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