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List Criteria

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Provider: When you select a Provider, the specialty loads automatically for you, but it can be changed here at any time.

Data Year: This is the year that the Service Types, Subservices, and Codes are based upon. When the Year changes so does the Service Types, Subservices, and Codes respectively.

Data Sampling (Months): There are numbers 1 through 12 in this drop down box for you to use. How they work is as follows: Selecting '1' would show January only. Selecting '2' would show January through February. Selecting '3' would show January through March and so forth. The number you select would look at the respective months within the Data Year to help find any visits that were billed in that time frame.

Clear Data/New List & Load Billed Visits:

oClear Data/New List:

Clears the grid/list and allows you to create a new one from scratch.

oLoad Billed Visits:

This will load the Billed Visits (visits with a Provider E&M Code) from the Office you are connected to, into the grid in InteliCurve for Frequency.

It will be based upon the Data Year and that Data Sampling that you had selected previously.

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