Multiple Offices

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Multiple Offices

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There are many reasons for creating and maintaining multiple offices in Intelicode®.  We need to look at our Intelicode® date in much the same way as we would a file cabinet.  Good filing practices make finding and managing information easier.  You might create one Office for each clinic, site, department, or by client.  You might wish to create a new Office for each year, quarter, or month, depending upon the amount of data.  You have a great deal of flexibility.  See the points below for more tips on using multiple offices.

1.Multiple Offices in Visit Summaries:

a.Notice, first, the lower-left portion of the screen.  There is a white box beneath the heading that says Select Office/Department(s) to Query.  The office that is selected is the office that is being used to display the data in the grid on the right side of the screen.

b.To display data from multiple offices, hold down Ctrl key and select other offices.  You can also hold down the Shift key and click to select a group of offices at one time.

c.The data showing in the grid is a combination of the two offices.  You can sort and filter this data just as if it were all in one office.

d.You can even run any report using the data from multiple offices!

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