Basic Steps

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Basic Steps

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The following simple steps will outline the overall flow as well as the necessary information to perform an audit using Intelicode®.  Below, we will define the minimal information required to start the process:

1.Patient ID:  This is the medical record number or whatever set of numbers, characters, etc. that is used to identify the patient.

2.Last Name | First Name:  This is the last name and first name of the patient whose encounter is being audited.

Note: The patient name is not required to perform an audit.

3.D.O.B.:  (Date Of Birth)  This is the date of birth of the patient.  Enter the D.O.B. in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Note: The patient D.O.B. is not required to perform an audit.  A D.O.B. is only necessary when auditing services for service types which are age-driven.

4.Patient Status:  Each patient will automatically be flagged as a new patient the first time you enter them into the software.  Change the patient status accordingly.

5.Gender:  Choose 'Male', 'Female', 'Other', or 'Unknown'. 'Unknown' is selected by default.

6.User:  This is a required field.  Please verify the correct User/Reviewer is shown. If not, please select the correct User/Reviewer.

Note:  When a user is set up, a password is not required.

7.Visit Date:  This is the date of service for the encounter being audited.  The Visit Date automatically defaults to the current date.  Change the date accordingly.  You may enter the date manually by changing the month, date, or year, or you may click on the drop down arrow and select the date from the display calendar.

8.Service Type/Subservice Type:  This tree view had the Service Types loaded in for you depending on your visit date. There may be a plus ‘+’ symbol next to the Service Type you select, which means that it has at least 1 Subservice Type as well. Click the ‘+’ symbol to expand and see the Subservice(s). If you want to collapse the Service Type so it does not show the Subservice(s), click the minus ‘-‘ symbol to collapse it. Simply click on the Service or Subservice Type to assign it to your visit.


Note:  If Consultations is selected for the Service Type, the Consult Verification questions must be answered and the requirements met to continue with the audit, unless otherwise set in the Preferences Screen.

Once the required information is entered, the navigation buttons (PatientHistoryExamDecisionEnd) will become active.

Note:  The Visit Date and User will remain the same from encounter to encounter until you change them or exit the program.

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