Automatic Updates

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Automatic Updates

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Intelicode® offers automatic update notification for our users who are connected to the Internet.  When Intelicode® is launched, it will check if any updates are available.  If it finds an update, it will prompt you to download the latest version.  You can also manually Check For Updates by clicking on the Help menu at the top of the screen, and then clicking the Check For Updates option.

1.The Update Summary section will contain information pertaining to the latest update.

2.To view the details of changes in Intelicode, click the View Full Change Log link directly under the Update Summary section

3.To download the latest version of Intelicode®, click on the Yes button. This will open your default web browser and navigate to the update page. It will also close the update notification screen and continue to load Intelicode.

4.Follow all instructions on the update page to download and install the current update.

5.Clicking Close button will close the update notification screen and continue to load Intelicode.

6.If you choose not to update, each time Intelicode® is launched you will see the update notification screen until the latest version is installed.

7.If you no longer want to be automatically notified when updates are available; either check the Do not notify me again checkbox or change the setting in the Preferences screen to permanently opt out of being prompted. If you only want to skip the current update, check the Do not notify me for this version checkbox. This option will skip the current update but prompt you again for any future updates.

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