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This page includes some tips and shortcuts that you might want to familiarize yourself with.  Hopefully, these will help you to more quickly and efficiently accomplish your work.

1.Quickly calculate a level of service:

a.If you simply want to calculate a level of service, you only need to enter Patient IDPatient Status, Gender, and Service Type (This will not work with all levels of service as some levels require key components to be met prior to generating a level).

b.When you get to the End screen, you simply click Finish, then click Clear Visit Screens.

2.Keeping your offices updated:

a.Each time you enter a new Note MacroProvider, or any other item that is found in the Management menu, simply select the new item or items.

b.Click the Send to Another Office button, choose the office(s) that you wish to update.

c.Click OK.

3.A quicker way of getting into Intelicode®:

a.Intelicode® keeps track of the last user that was in the program.  So when you open Intelicode and the Login window appears, if your User Name has no Password, simply press Enter and it will bring up the Offices window.

b.Intelicode® also keeps track of the last office that was used.  If you wish to use the same office, simply press Enter again and you are in the program!

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