Running Tally

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Running Tally

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Intelicode® keeps a "running tally".  You will notice the code changing as your HistoryExam, and Decision levels change.

NOTE:  Depending on the CPT code, the "key components" required, and the documentation, you may not see a code even after completing the audit.

EXAMPLE:  A Hospital Inpatient Services - Initial Hospital Care (codes 99221-99223) requires documentation in each of the three key components (HistoryExam, and Medical Decision Making).  A 99221 requires a Detailed and Comprehensive History, a Detailed or Comprehensive Examination, and a Straightforward or Low Complexity MDM.  If you only document a Detailed History, an Expanded Exam, and a Straightforward MDM, for example, Intelicode will not give you a code.

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