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Basic Features of INTELICODE®

Easy to use - Intelicode® has a familiar look and feel to the paper audit forms you are used to using.

Produces a "running tally" - Intelicode® starts calculating from the moment you start entering information.

Adheres to both CMS '95 and '97 Guidelines - CMS has instructed payors to use whichever set of guidelines is most favorable to the provider.  Intelicode® makes this easy.  You can use both '95 and '97 exams and Intelicode® will save the highest level if you prefer.

Includes 2023 AMA Guidelines - Use the updated Medical Decision Making table.

Audit Log - Intelicode® keeps a log of changes to visits.

Dynamic Reporting - A growing selection of reports that improve your productivity and save you time. Customizable "Audit Summary" and "Custom Provider Accuracy" reports, decide which data and the order it appears in the report.  Intelicode® reporting offers you more options and more flexibility than ever!

Point System - Intelicode® includes the ability to assign a point value to each variance level. Points can be assigned for the Note Macros via the Note Macros Management Screen or assigned for errors in Procedures and Diagnoses or errors in Teaching Physician (TP) or Incident To (IT) documentation.

Simultaneous use of Multiple Offices - You are able to query, sort, and run reports for data from multiple offices simultaneously!

SQL Server - Intelicode® stores your data in Microsoft SQL Server giving your organization more flexibility.

Audit Prep Screen - Get a head start on your audits with the Audit Prep Screen.  There you can enter and save information about a visit prior to actually starting the audit.  When you are ready to audit the visit, simply select the audit prep that you had saved and the information will automatically fill in the appropriate fields.

Management Screen - The Management screen allows you to create, edit, or delete an office's patients, providers, and other data.

Import and Export Data - The Management screen includes the ability to import data from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV (comma separated) file and export data to a CSV file.

Preferences - Intelicode® includes a "Preferences" screen where you can select a default exam type, choose how to enter procedure and diagnosis codes (code or description first), and more.

Office Tools - Intelicode® includes tools to import and export offices/departments.

Enhanced features of INTELICODE® Pro and P.A.T.H.

Stand-alone or network - Intelicode® can run locally or on a local network.  If you need to be mobile, export your data and import it into your laptop and go!

Supports multiple "offices" - If you have multiple sites, departments, or clients, Intelicode allows you to maintain as many as you wish. Now, with Intelicode® you can even work with multiple offices simultaneously!

Copy and Send Data - Intelicode® allows you to copy and send patients, providers, diagnosis codes, note macros, etc. from one office to another.

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