Auditing Software Intelicode® Solo Intelicode® Pro Intelicode® P.A.T.H.
Uses '95 & '97 Guidelines Yes Yes Yes
Networked or Standalone Standalone Both Both
Reporting Capability Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Offices (database)   Yes Yes
Audits Teaching Physicians     Yes
Current Price Per License $629.00 $769.00 $899.00


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Intelicode Solo™ is a simple to use point-and-click software for CMS compliant auditing/teaching/coding of Evaluation and Management Services. It utilizes both the '95 and '97 Document Guidelines with unparalleled reporting capabilities!  Maintaining only one database, Intelicode® Solo is designed for the solo practice or small clinic.


Intelicode Pro™ includes all of the features of Intelicode® Solo and gives you the ability to add and maintain multiple databases.  Designed for consultants or those who need to audit multiple sites or provider groups, Intelicode® Pro allows you to create new offices, run reports on multiple offices and share your data.  With a variety of filters to select your data and with various customizable reports, you select what you want and Intelicode® does the rest!


Intelicode P.A.T.H.™ is our most complete auditing software.  This is a MUST for academic facilities or those who review Physicians At Teaching Hospitals.  Based on a set of questions, Intelicode P.A.T.H.™ helps determine whether an encounter meets the Teaching Physician Guidelines or not - a great teaching tool!  With filters to choose the data you want and customizable reports, help your physicians recognize problems areas and ways to improve.   


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Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 2 Ghz Processor


OS: Windows 7 SP1 or later, Windows Server 2008 or later.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server is required. You can download a free copy of the Express edition from our Update page.


View a Sample Report.

 Get an inside look at what Intelicode® can do for you by checking out the following sample reports.

Encounter Detail Report

Audit Summary with DX and PROC

Issue and Recommendations Report

Provider Accuracy Report

Provider Net Fee Totals



With InteliNote, you can show your physicians what you used from their documentation, where you used it in your audit, and how they can improve!  A great teaching tool!  InteliNote allows you to attach documents to your reports.  No more hauling large volumes of supporting documentation with you wherever you go.


InteliCurve generates E&M National Bell Curve Reports by simply loading data and clicking a button.  Easy-to-read Bar Graphs compare the latest available CMS national and specialty percentages to your physicians’ billed frequency by code.  Physicians can also be compared within your organization.   InteliCurve seamlessly integrates with Intelicode® and helps you spot 'red flags' in order to remain compliant.  

The Art of E&M Auditing

Available Now: 18th Edition

$129.00 plus $10.00 S/H*


With over 400 informational pages, this book is an excellent educational book.  Covering E&M auditing step-by-step with  topics such as:  ROS, HPI, PFSH, Fraud,  "Incident to", Teaching Physician rules and reporting, Diagnosis Coding, and more, this book is a must-have for those new to E&M Auditing and for those needing a refresher.   Stay up-to-date with the different types of E&M Services.  Test yourself with the 10 sample cases. The Art of E&M Auditing also comes with a separate 40 question test booklet that can be used to obtain CEU's.  Call for more information.   This book is a must have for any coder!


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"There's a code for that" Poster!


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