September 2014 Intelicode Newsletter

New User's Webinar

September 17

1:00 - 2:30 pm ET

Presenter Aaron Childrey will be hosting a webinar for those new to Intelicode®.  Showing you each screen you would encounter while doing an audit in Inteilcode®, Aaron will also give you helpful tips for each screen.  Aaron will also show you how to utilize all of Intelicode®'s features.  A Q&A time will be available at the end of the webinar for any questions you might have.  Click here to view our upcoming events and/or register.


When using Intelicode®, there are two boxes at the bottom of most screens.  The box on the right is called the Note Macro box.  This is where you can insert a Note Macro Issue and/or Recommendation.  When you select a Note Macro from the generated list, it will not only populate the right box but also the left box.  The left box, known as the Hand Written Note box, is where you can modify the note macro, expound on the note macro, delete the note macro or free hand any information you would like to add to the visit.  Information in these boxes will show on various reports. 

Information in the Note Macro box (right one) will show on the Issues and Recommendations Report only.  Information in the Hand Written Note box (the one on the left) will print automatically on the Encounter Detail Report.  This information can also be printed on the Audit Summary Report and the Custom Provider Accuracy Report if "With Notes" is selected under Report Options.

Coming Soon

Watch for our new Help File being released later this month!  With updated information, the Help File (accessible in Intelicode) will make it easier for you to find detailed information on each screen.

InteliNote!  InteliNote lets you attach documentation and/or images to your audits.  Select the information you want, specify where in Intelicode® you want it and Intelicode® will auto-populate those fields.  Show your physicians exactly what you chose for ROS, HPI, Exams and others.  A great add-on tool to make auditing easier!