With InteliNote, you can show your physicians what you used from their documentation, where you used it, and how they can improve making InteliNote a great teaching tool!  Our newest add-on software, InteliNote allows you to attach documents to your audits!  Select the information on the attached document and choose where you want it in Intelicode (ROS, HPI, PFSH, Exam, etc.)  No more hauling large volumes of supporting documentation around!  Try InteliNote now! 

SQL Server Compact Edition Change

In an effort to constantly improve our products, we will be removing support for SQL Server Compact Edition. This will allow for faster development and a faster product. In its place, we will be using SQL Server Express (existing SQL Server customers will not be affected). Because current data will need to be imported, we are developing import/export functionality that will allow customers to export the data to an encrypted portable file that can then be imported into another instance of SQL Server as needed. We are working on making this as trouble free a process as possible and feel that the effort of making this upgrade will be returned with a product that performs at a greater speed and with greater reliability. SQL Server Express is free and this update will be no extra charge for existing subscription holders. Watch for this change in the coming months.


The most common questions we get about our 2 add-on products are “Can I get a walkthrough of InteliCurve or InteliNote?” and “Am I missing any steps?”  Walkthroughs of InteliCurve and InteliNote can be found in the User’s Manual or the Help File in Intelicode or on our website. These walkthroughs can be viewed at your convenience over and over again and can even be printed. Click on either of these options and select "Additional Products".  These Walkthroughs, along with screenshots, give step-by-step instructions. They will take you through every screen and every option InteliCurve or InteliNote has to offer. Giving you the ability to see what can be done in either product allows you to make sure you never miss a step along the way.

Discussion Group

Have a critical care question?  Need help with a perinatologist audit?  When is preventive care not preventive?  Submit your questions to the Discussion Group (or ListServ as it's otherwise known) and get answers from your peers.  The Discussion Group is a great tool for any coder or auditor.  See what others are asking and the answers they receive.  Registering for this free service is simple.  Click here  and scroll down to "Get Your Questions Answered".  Enter your email address and click Submit. An email will be sent to you with instructions.  Simply follow the instructions and soon you will be seeing what others in your field are asking and saying.

Upcoming Webinar

New Users Webinar
March 27, 2015
11:00 - 12:30 pm

Are you new to Intelicode and want to see how it works?  Join Webinar Presenter, Aaron Childrey, as he takes you through the in's and out's of Intelicode.  From entering data to printing reports, Aaron will help guide you through the various screens you will encounter while doing an audit with Intelicode.  Giving beneficial tips, this webinar is a must see if you have never used Intelicode before.

You can register for upcoming webinars here.  Space is limited.  Only the first 25 callers to a webinar will gain access.  Five callers are required for a scheduled webinar to be held.