June 2015 Intelicode Newsletter

New Users Webinar

June 15th from 12:00 - 1:30 pm ET

If you have never used Intelicode before, this is the perfect webinar for you. Join Webinar Presenter, Aaron Childrey, for an in-depth look at Intelicode. Aaron will show you each screen you would encounter while doing a visit in Intelicode. He will also give tips on how to utilize Intelicode to its fullest. From covering Audit Prep to reports, Aaron will demonstrate how to use Intelicode. A Q&A time is available at the end of the webinar. Click here to register.

Summer Coding Challenge

Do you enjoy our monthly fun codes? We are going to be creating a new There's a Code For That Poster and we would like your help. Submit your funniest ICD-9 or ICD-10 fun code to Technology Solutions, Inc. and enter a chance to win the new poster. Five winners will be chosen. Please see complete contest rules here.

Windows 10 Coming Soon

With Windows 10 coming soon, TSI has been busy testing Intelicode 14 for Windows 10 compatibility. With the current preview release of Windows 10, no issues have been encountered. Support for Windows 7 is not ending; however, should you want to update to Windows 10, no issues have been found with Intelicode that would prevent you from doing so.


Can't create an office in Intelicode? The number one reason is because you have not been given permission to do so. User Type decides what an end user can and can’t do in Intelicode at any given time. There are four (4) User Types to choose from: Read Only, Administrator, User, and Custom. When a new user is created, one of these user types must be chosen. Read Only user type means that the end user can only open Intelicode and look at data. Administrator user type means that the end user has all permissions in Intelicode. User user type is the same as Administrator user type except that the end user can’t create offices. Custom user type can be set to have any permission chosen within Intelicode. If Custom user type is used, any permission option selected would apply to all end users given the Custom user type. To see the various user type permission options, go to the Manage Permissions tab in the Administrator Panel from the options tab at the log in screen or from the Tools tab in Intelicode. Only those who know the Administrator Panel password can access this area. Click the various User Groups checkboxes to see what permissions each user group has. For Custom user type, click the desired checkboxes in the Permissions area. Once the users are assigned the user type, they can only utilize those features associated with it.